Overview of Programs


The SCRIP program is a great way to earn money for the school while at the same time chipping away at tuition.  Here's how it works:

  • You purchase a gift card from SCRIP for the full amount (pay $25, get a $25 gift card)
  • The SCRIP program donates a certain percentage of your transaction to the school.  We split it with you - half to us, half to your child's tuition (or full to the school if you don't have school-age children)
  • That's it - use it like cash without losing a penny!!


Why use SCRIP?  Why not?!?!?!

  • It's as good as cash to the user but eliminates change at the register.
  • It is possible to nearly pay off tuition due to an enormous variety of gift cards (nearly every major store is represented, especially in Beloit or Janesville).
  • SCRIP helps pay for the replacement of technology on the school campus (that's how we use the money).
  • Use of SCRIP is unlimited; all you have to do is literally purchase the and start earning money!


How do you purchase?  Good question.....

  • After Mass at OLA
  • Online at www.shopwithscrip.com (we'll let you know when the order comes in)
  • Using the SCRIP envelope that goes home / comes back with your child
  • Print out the order form in the SCRIP section and bring it to school (but the direct online is easier and safer for transactions....)
  • Check the SCRIP section of the website to see when a SCRIP seller will be on-campus during the week.


Questions?  Contact scrip@olaschool.ws



Did you know that there's a way to earn money for OLA School every time you search the web?  It's true - and you can find it at www.goodsearch.com.  All you have to do is select the organization for which to earn money near the top of the page - right underneath the search box.  Search for Our Lady of the Assumption, and we'll remain up there by default (until you clear the cache).  Want to earn even more money for OLA School?  We suggest the following:

  • Set Goodsearch as your Home Page
  • Install the Goodsearch app at the top of your browser for ease of searching
  • Set the Goodsearch app as the search engine on your smartphone


Market Day

Did you know that every purchase of a Market Day product is profit for the school?  The proceeds from this fundraiser are received by the Home and School organization, which in turn provides supplemental funds for activities, campaigns, trips, and classrooms in ways that benefit the student that would otherwise be difficult to fund.

There are two ways to order Market Day:

  • Online (CLICK HERE) - be sure to enter our school code 4477 or via search
  • Obtaining a form from outside the school office and returning it to the school office by the deadline on the form




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